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Skin Shape RF

Temperature Sensors integrated in theApplicators for continuous skin-temperaturemonitoring, assuring effective and problemfree treatments , Computerized Spike Control SystemEnsures safe and painless treatment• Switch and Pedal Free Operation• Quadro & Bi-Polar Applicators: Largeworking surface, with exact layer and deeptissue targeting………

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The All – In – One Compact Solution

The Market’s Lowest Running Cost:• One Lamp, 200,000 light pulses, Suitable foran entire year of extensive use (averagely)• Fast Flashes: Every 0.5 – 2.0 Seconds• Cutting-Edge Lamp technology at a very affordable price• Fast Lamp Exchanging Procedure (2 min.)• Maintenance Free (Except Periodical Checks)

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The Innovative Diode Laser for Hair removal

The Sprit-918 is operated by unique intuitive software whichenables the Practitioner to adjust the flash rate, power andduration in accordance to the patient’s specific parameters: SkinColor, Hair Color, Hair Density and Hair Diameter.