Using Crystal Freeze Diode Laser for super fast hair removal combined with IPL technology for various skin treatments, and ND Yag Q-Switch for tattoo removal makes this system complete and second to none. Some customers want laser, others want IPL and some want ND Yag.

With the most advanced Crystal Freeze™ innovation to numb the treatment area, your client will be more comfortable during the low pain treatment compared to other lasers. It is quite impossible for you to burn your clients too.

Triplicity™ Wavelength Technology

Alexandrite 755nm For wider range of hair and colours
Diode 808 / 810nm For general laser hair removal at a super speed
YAG 1064nm Deeper follicle penetration and darker skin focused


Hair removal machine at lowest price with good results and patient’s comfort.

An effective and compact hair removal.

Diode Laser, The Sprit-918 is operated by unique intuitive software which enables the Practitioner to adjust the flash rate, power and duration in accordance to the patient’s specific parameters: Skin Color, Hair Color, Hair Density and Hair Diameter.

The Safe Method for Body Contouring.

American laser with efficacy, selectivity and speed!

Newest American Alexandrite laser with efficacy, selectivity and speed!

Newest American technology combines both Alexandrite and Nd YAG:laser!