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This is the ultimate laser hair removal system ever made, it surpasses all laser technology and machines in the world today. This system is very unique where it has 2 handles instead of 1.

Allwhite Laser is the first manufacturer in the world to ever produce 3 wavelength machines separated to 2 handles. The Schnelle Diamond is packed with the Triplicity™ wavelength technology, which has all the advantages of power, results and simplicity.  The 1st generation of  a single handle combined with 3 wavelengths has a major disadvantage which is highlighted below.


  1. all 3 wavelengths shares in 1 hand-piece decreases the power and energy
  2. All 3 wavelegths are shared with 1 machine power supply will decrease the machine’s performance
  3. There are only 10-12 laser bars in 1 hand piece, hence each wavelengths has only 3-4 laser bars which will compromise in results.
  4. Poor fan cooling system and water filteration system

Advantage of having 2 handles

  1. There are 24 laser bars altogether spreading across 2 handles. The wavelengths will not be compromised in energy produced, therefore producing better results.
  2. There are 2 switch power supply within the machine to generate each handle rather than sharing them. This will improve the performance of the machine
  3. 810 laser is in 1 handle, 1064 and 755 is another handle. Each handle has 12 super laser bars.
  4. Air conditioning and double filteration system



ModelAW3 Schnelle Diamond
Light SourceDiode Laser 755, 810, 1064
TreatmentLaser Hair Removal
Wavelength810nm, 755nm, 1064nm
Output Energy0-180J/cm2
Pulse Duration5-1500ms adjustable
Pulse Frequency1-10Hz
Spot sizeStandard 15 × 27mm
Cooling TechnologiesMachine : AC+ Water and Air Cooled combinedTreatment Head: Adjustable ice cooling
Crystal temperature-5-50C
Water temperature10-350C
Water flow rate3.5L/M
LCD screen10.0 inch super responsive touch screen
Power requirementAC 220V/110V 50-60Hz

Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 76×60×132cm- 90kg
SCW: 135kg

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