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Forte 718

Forte-718 New Standards in Efficiency & Patient’s Comfort _

The Market’s Lowest Running Cost:
• Main Handpiece Lamp guaranteed for 300,000 light flashes,
(Averagely 1, 5 years of extensive use)
– Facial Handpiece Lamp guaranteed for 200,000 light flashes
(2-3 years of extensive use)
• Fast Flashes: up to every 0.5 Seconds
• Adjustable Flash Interval: 0.5 – 3.5 Seconds
• Dual Cooling System for Lamp and Tip
• Maintenance Free (Except Periodical Checks

Painless and Effective GEM-IPL Patented Technology:
The Geometric Energy Management technology is focusing the energy in defined layer, avoiding skin burns and waste of energy on undesired tissues

Large User Friendly Touch Screen Control Panel
• Various Hair Removal protocols: Normal, Deep Follicle, Sensitive
• Skin Treatments Selection: Acne, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation & Vascular
• Unique Patch Test (skin type detection) and System Check functions

Safety Standards & Approvals (Partial List):

• -MDD International Medical Standard

• FDA US American Safety Standard

• CFS Governmental Health Approval

• ISO-13485 Quality Medical Production

• ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard

• ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard