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High Light The All – In – One Compact Solution ​

The Market’s Lowest Running Cost:
• One Lamp, 200,000 light pulses, Suitable for
an entire year of extensive use (averagely)
• Fast Flashes: Every 0.5 – 2.0 Seconds
• Cutting-Edge Lamp technology at a very affordable price
• Fast Lamp Exchanging Procedure (2 min.)
• Maintenance Free (Except Periodical Checks)

GEM-IPL Patented Technology:
Painless and Effective Treatment !!
The Geometric Energy Management (GEM) technology delivers the
Light Energy directly to the hair follicles located underneath the skin
surface, avoiding skin burns and waste of energy on undesired tissues

Wide Wavelength Range:
420 – 1100 nm, Suitable for various colors of skin and hair

Universal Hand-Piece
• New Generation Hand-Piece: One Device to all treatments. No loss
of effectiveness due to energy gaps between different spectrum of
• Handy and Agronomic Design. Enables access to various body’s parts
• Wide Effective Treatment Spot Area (7.5 cm2). Minimal Light Pulses per target area.

Facial Hand-Piece (Optional)
• A handy applicator with an Effective Treatment Spot Area of 3.75 cm2, very useful in treating curvature and small facial areas resulting in enhanced effectiveness.
Energy Output:
High Power: Up to effective 22 j cm2 for recommended treatments and 31 j/cm2 in
Free Setting.

Technical Features:
Repetition Rate: One pulse every 0.5 – 2.0 sec
Max Energy Output: 22 joule/cm2 (in rec. treatments)
Max Power Output: up to 4,000 Watt
Operation Voltage: 230VAC or 110VAC
Weight: 30 Kg (Including Trolley)
Dimensions: 44cm x 45cm x 100cm

Safety Standards & Approvals (Partial List):
• CE-MM-MDD International Medical Standard
• IEC 601-1 Medical Safety Standard
• FDA US American Safety Standard
• CFS Governmental Health Approval
• ISO-13485 Quality Medical Production
• ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard