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Prime-910 The Innovative Diode Laser for Hair removal 

The Market’s Gold Standard in Hair Removal:
• Handpiece guaranteed for 10,000,000 light flashes,
• Slow and Fast Flashes: from 1 to10 flash/Sec
• Adjustable Flash Duration (15-300 ms) and Energy (4-45 j/cm2)
• Chilled Tip and Highly Efficient Cooling System
• Large Treatment Spot (12×16 mm)
• Maintenance Free (Except Periodical Checks)

Safe, Effective and adjustable Technology:
The Sprit-918 is operated by unique intuitive software which enables the Practitioner to adjust the flash rate, power and duration in accordance to the patient’s specific parameters: Skin Color, Hair Color, Hair Density and Hair Diameter.

• Large User Friendly Touch Screen Control Panel
• Various Hair Removal protocols: Normal, Deep Follicle, Sensitive
• Skin Treatments Selection: Acne, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation & Vascular
• Unique Patch Test (skin type detection) and System Check functions.

Diode Laser Stack Handpiece:
• New Generation Hand-Piece: Uniform Energy Spot.
• Suitable for various Skin and Hair types
• Chilled Tip for customer’s comfort and enhanced Energy Flow. The Tip’s Coldness is computerized
• Integrated Sensor of Skin Touch: prevent flashing
By mistake
• Handy and Agronomic Design. Light Weight – for laborious work
• Flash is generated by Knob Press or Foot Switch
• Wide Effective Treatment Spot Area (~2. cm2). Minimal Light Pulses per treatment area.

Technical Features:
Repetition Rate: One pulse every 0.1 – 1.0 sec
Max Energy Output: 45 joule/cm2 (in rec. treatments)
Output Powe: 600 Watt
Operation Voltage: 230VAC or 110VAC
Weight: 37 Kg
Dimensions: 44cm x 45cm x 100cm

Safety Standards & Approvals (Partial List):
• -MDD International Medical Standard
• FDA US Safety Standard (in process)
• CFS Governmental Health Approval
• ISO-13485 Quality Medical Production
• ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard